i.Farm - Tests Electrical Design

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Richard De Leon got the full system working today on a breadboard. It lets us integrate and test all of the pieces working together before we actually have circuit boards built.

Richard is considering building it as either 1 or two boards. A display board and a control board, or one big single board.

Control Board

  • ATmega2560 Processor

  • Honeywell TruStability® Board Mount Pressure (1 PSI Differential)

  • ST VNH5019A H-Bridge Motor Driver (<30 amp peak)

  • Breakouts for rotary encoder and/or Angular Measurement

  • Breakouts for 2 limit switches

Display Board

  • 4x20 LED Display

  • 4 x Rotary knobs

  • 1 x Confirm button

  • 1 x Alarm Silence button

  • 1 x Mode sSwitch

  • 1 x E-Stop Switch

  • 1 x Power Switch

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